The team

Who organizes Commit?

Commit is an event managed by a team of women, men, Canary Islanders, Italians, Galicians, Germans, nerds, Excel addicts, Android and iPhone fans... That's a total of five people.

Laura Vignali
Laura is the spreadsheet hacker that keeps this boat afloat. She likes fruit and salad, given that chocolate is technically a fruit.
Abraham Otero
Abraham once rowed in a boat, alone, in Costa Rica, with cocodriles. He codes in Java because it's the same thing.
Janine Lee
Janine is the most organized polyglot in the team. She is now learning Baby Speak.
Ignacio Coloma
Nacho knows how to break things with computers. He talks a lot. His son knows how to break things without computers.
Carlos Coloma
Otaku level God. Addicted to sports. He codes when he's not doing either.